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Increasing Awareness, Care and Treatment for CAPS
and other autoinflammatory diseases.
Our Donors
2013 Grants
Our deepest thanks go to Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (Sobi) sobi.com for their unrestricted grant of $30,000 in 2013 to The NOMID Alliance. This grant supports many of our ongoing, and new efforts, including the development of a blog for autoinflammatory diseases to be launched in 2014, increased awareness and distribution of materials in print and online to medical professionals and patients, support our 2014 patient picnics. These funds also helped with the costs of a larger printing of the Comparative Chart of Autoinflammatory Diseases for distribution at the American College of Rheumatology Meeting in San Diego in October 2013. Sobi grant details

Thanks to All our Donors in 2013
Thanks so much to all our supporters, including: J Pittman, A Willis, L Westfall (all 3 did corporate giving and matching gifts with JP Morgan Chase), JP Morgan Chase Community Giving, United Way of New Jersey, Anonymous (many), Charter Oak Associates, T Whitworth, S Whitworth, V Buster, R & C Griffith, A & L Deskins, N Courtois, R & D Wheeler, Sobi Inc US, M Zervakos, K Kacin, B Swinsick, D Dohrman, K Scott, Opticom International Research AB, S & F Durrant, P Furst, R Wallace, J Tousseau, R Castro, B & B Fine, J Vasquez, L Keatley, J Ruehling, K Marshall, J DaPrato.

2013 Fundraising by L Angevare & S Appelman S Appelman held two amazing fundraisers and awareness events in Berkeley Heights, NJ in October 2013. One was called the Rare Stand that she held with her family, including her son, L Angevare where they sold Dutch desserts to increase awareness about rare diseases, especially autoinflammatory diseases. Then she hosted a “Ladies Night Out” event later in October. We are so impressed with her creative fundraising, and kindness to choose The NOMID Alliance as one of the organizations to benefit from these events. We are so thankful for this support and awareness! News article about the Rare Stand

2012 Grants
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Inc. Canada novartis.ca gave an unrestricted grant of $3000 to The NOMID Alliance to fund the development and printing of our Comparative Chart for Autoinflammatory Diseases that is available in print, or on our website. The chart debut was in the poster presentations at the Autoinflammation 2013 Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland and the printed copies were distributed at the congress, and to other doctors worldwide. Thank you Novartis Canada! This chart has become a major resource worldwide to increase awareness for autoinflammatory diseases.

Thanks to All our Donors in 2012
We want to thank all our generous supporters, including: Many Anonymous donors, Novartis Corporate Giving, Blue Latitude, E.Donat, J.Pittman (also initiated the corporate giving and matching gift with JP Morgan Chase for herself and G Adsit), JP Morgan Chase Community Giving, J Dye, S Erikson, A Mc Niffe, R & D Wheeler, B & M Chew, J Brady, N & K Durrant, M Oisten, R & S Fry, Medical Market Holdings, L & L Chan, C Woo, J & L Harris-Boundy, S & F Durrant, J & A Miner, Y Ince Erdem, J Jerde, R Hayashi.

Everylife Foundation Text to Donate Fundraiser for The NOMID Alliance Thank you Everylife Foundation for Rare Diseases everylifefoundation.org for choosing The NOMID Alliance for the month of October 2012 for their Matching gift text-to-donate effort. We had many donors, and are so thankful for their support, and for this amazing fundraiser through the Everylife Foundation. These funds were used to support autoinflammatory disease research. We only have the phone numbers of the donors, so it is difficult to list all the donors here, but we are deeply thankful for their support.

2012 “H & M” Fundraiser M & S Oisten chose The NOMID Alliance to benefit from the H & M Fundraiser held in honor of their daughter, Morgan, that has NOMID and another child in the community named Henley that had neuroblastoma (Henley has sadly died in 2013 from this disease, but will be remembered forever.). Olivia Johnson, 10 years old, and Peighton Isley, age 9 organized the H&M event that featured a scavenger hunt around the Oak Manor neighborhood in Westfield along with a 1-mile walk and a 2-mile run on the trail. A barbecue pork sandwich dinner was provided to all participants by Stuart’s Steakhouse. Olivia and Peighton also had their lemonade stand and a craft table at the event. Thank you Olivia and Peighton, and also to the Oisten family for choosing to support The NOMID Alliance!

Here are some news articles about the event: Current In Westfield

Current Noblesville:Walking with Morgan

2011 Grants
Regeneron regeneron.com gave us a $5,000 unrestricted grant to support the development of the Spanish CAPS guidebook, and printing, and an updated version of the English CAPS guidebook. Thank you Regeneron! They have also supported our 2008 guidebook printing and development. View the CAPS Guidebook

Thanks to All our Donors in 2011
Thanks so much to all our donor and supporters this year: Anonymous, K Landry, (also arranged corporate matching gift from Waters), J Pittman (also initiated the corporate giving and matching gift with JP Morgan Chase for herself and others), G. Adsit (JP Morgan Chase Community Giving), M Vincent, A Chambliss, G Tibollo (in honor of C. Tibollo), J.Struck, LEK Consulting, JP Morgan Chase, Waters Corp, S Thurne, D & R Wheeler, N & K Durrant, and G Hope, Dr L & K Folan, S & F Durrant, C & E Lee, K Marshall, R & S Fry.

A special thanks to Dr Juan Arostegui, Jenny Willmore and Jorge E. Torres for their wonderful translation for our Spanish CAPS booklet! It will be printed in 2012.

2011 Donors from the Quinn’s Birthday Fundraiser We are so appreciative of all our families and patients that support our org, but want to thank those in a special way that have done family fundraisers for The NOMID Alliance. Thank you S & C Paduani, and their family for doing this fun event in honor of their daughter, Quinn. The donors include: S & C Paduani, Ralph Depew Plumbin & Heating, J & K Rafferty, V & S Tranqueda, M & M Gayolos, J & T Voltiare, J Lazardo,

2011 Donors on causes.com “Help Fund a Storybook About Childhood Autoinflammatory Diseases” A special thanks to all the donors that supported the causes.com special project fundraiser "Help Fund a Storybook About Childhood Autoinflammatory Diseases.“ There were many generous donors, including: Multiple anonymous donors, L. Moreno-Dickinson, L. Kunsch, M Cool, R Bloom, J Pastel, J Smith Earnhart, C Paduani, K Durrant, J Richards, T Spraggs Henderson, J Forero, E Heard, D Weyh Roberts, E Romero, J Link, B Johnson-Minker, M Sanchez Arneman, and S Kaneaster McCoy. Lisa Moreno-Dickinson was instrumental in getting many of these donors as a birthday wish in honor of her son Brody. Thanks to all that recruited donors, which are listed on the causes.com page causes.com page for this fundraiser

Background Information on this causes.com campaign and book project The NOMID Alliance had a collaboration with Stop CAID Now to create a book for children with autoinflammatory diseases, to help the children and others better understand these diseases. The fundraising for this causes.com special fund was through The NOMID Alliance causes.com account, but in full collaboration with Stop CAID Now. All of the causes.com funds that were raised for this project were paid in full (including the causes.com fees) by The NOMID Alliance directly to Farmer's Hat Productions that published the book “Hero in Me”. The NOMID Alliance was not involved in the final version of the book. Stop CAID Now ceased collaboration on this book project with The NOMID Alliance in the summer of 2011. We have had no further collaborations with Stop CAID Now, or any other involvement with Farmer’s Hat Productions. The NOMID Alliance is not responsible for any of the final content of the “Hero in Me” book. Karen Durrant and Collen Paduani from The NOMID Alliance, along with Lisa Moreno-Dickinson from Stop CAID Now Inc developed the first drafts of the children's storybook together, with the first draft being solely written by K Durrant. The second draft was edited by Colleen Paduani, Karen Durrant and Lisa Moreno-Dickinson. (US copyrights on these first two drafts were filed with the Libray of Congress in the spring of 2011, and copies are available by request.) The final published book “Hero in Me” was inspired by our original collaborative drafts. The NOMID Alliance is not responsible for the content or accuracy in the final book, and was not involved in any future edits or additions to content beyond the second draft.

Thanks to Our 2010 Donors!
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada, EURORDIS (stipend for some travel expenses for Autoinflammation 2010), J Mancinelli, T Durrant, S Putvin, J Pittman, R & S Fry, S & F Durrant, J Struck, G Dennis, D & D Nisewanger, HDR Engineering of Omaha, NE, S Ogilvie, D Rivera, R & D Wheeler, and J Okazaki, in the memory of H Okazaki. Thanks for all that donated at SD’s birthday: G Siegel & M Jones, P Tran & J Ho, E & C Lee, V & J Sutton, Dr L & K Folan, Dr T & A Rand, and N & K Durrant, Thanks to all that donated to The NOMID Alliance at the “Teddy Bear Picnic” in Newburgh, NY in July 2010 in honor of Quinn: Anonymous, C & S Paduani, M Sanchez & R Arneman, R & L Ferrara, M Gaydos, D & J Sarlo Jr, A Mahoney & E Rodriguez, L Rappa, S & J Gunnells, C & A Kelly, and Y-H Shek.

Thanks to all who donated to The NOMID Alliance in honor of the birth and baptism of A Anaya! A special thanks to D Rivera for organizing this fundraiser, and for the generosity of R & L Anaya for choosing The NOMID Alliance as the charity to benefit from the celebration of the birth and baptism of their daughter A Anaya. Almost $1300 was raised thanks to your efforts! Donors include many anonymous donations, D Rivera, F & N Ghanimah, N & A Chaidez, V & M Carrera, L Herrera, E Diaz, G & M Gonzalez Jr, R & E Herrera, M & I Niewinski, K & J Rivera, N & A Pereda, V & S Lopez, J & L Cano, E & N Nevarez, M Sanchez, M Sanchez, C & J Rivota, J Rivera, L Montenegro and I Favela. Thanks so much for your support!

2009 Grants
Thank you Novartis Pharmaceuticals href="http://www.novartis.com">novartis.com for your generous grant in 2009 of $8,000 to help fund the redesign and translation of this website. We are so thankful for this help, and for the improved website!

Thanks to Our 2009 Donors!
Also thank you to all our donors and fundraisers. Thank you Colleen Paduani and Mike Oisten for your fundraising efforts in 2009!

Other donors include: Anonymous (many), Mike Oisten and family, Colleen Paduani, Bob & Colleen Whichello, R. Harvey Johnston & Sarah Johnston, Camille Lieffers, and Karen Durrant.

Thanks to All that Supported "A Walk in the Park-Hope for Quinn" in 2009 A special thanks to the Paduani Family for organizing this amazing fundraiser benefitting The NOMID Alliance in honor of their daughter. "A Walk in the Park-Hope for Quinn" in Newburgh, NY was a great success thanks to the many sponsor, and volunteers, including many from the FDNY. There are so many attendees that are anonymous on our list, but we want to thank you all for coming out in support of Quinn and The NOMID Alliance. Donors include: Sam and Colleen Paduani, Lisa Rappa, Abby Kohut, Pamela Abner, Maria Carmela Desantis, Rachael & Lucas Ferrara, William & Cheandra Jones, Kerri Condon-Dehmer, Karen Durrant, Amanda Buck, Richard Delgado, Anonymous, Alexa Perez.

Sponsors of the 2009 "A Walk in the Park-Hope for Quinn" Thanks so much to all the amazing sponsors and volunteers that did so much to make this special day possible: Fusion Graphix, The Orlando Family, Benmarl Winery, The Hot Dog Hut, Ray Catena Lexus, Superior Auto Body & Collision, Stop and Shop, Inspired Creations by Lisa Rappa, Adams Fairacre Farms, Staffing Symphony, Members of the FDNY and many more.

Thanks to All our Donors in 2008
A special thanks to our generous donors that have contributed to The NOMID Alliance in 2008 so far, which include: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Mike & Michelle Griffin and their children Kieran and Chloe for their annual fundraiser raising over $515, Karen Bangert & Family, Rodney & Pam Arnold & Family, Cliff & Theresa Peda & Family, Shari Stroup & Family, Jan Farrar & Family, Bob Janota & Family, Mark & Wendy Diamond & Family, Jimmy Bowen & Family, Lisa Limbaugh & Family, Alan & Dana Branson & Family, Don Gentle & Amelia Essman & Family, Lynn Goeckler & Family, Mike Deimund & Family, Anonymous, Frances Day, Joseph Adlon, Aisling Mc Niffe, Christer & Anne Lewenhaupt, Dr. Luis & Kathy Folan, Gary Siegel & Michele Jones,Carol LeMaitre & Joe Cunningham, George Dzul & Lena Kaufman, Dr. & Mrs. Rand, Matt and Dr. Jeana Hoyt, Gail Hope, Ashley Hofman, Michelle Vincent, Samuel & Colleen Paduani, Lisa Rappa, Rick & Theresa Wilson, Nathan & Karen Durrant.

Donors at the 2008 Evening of Art Fundraiser in Bowling Green, KY
A special thanks to the dedication and amazing fundraising effort by Tim & Jennifer Earnhart, Werkshop Marketing, The Liberty Group and many others that made this amazing evening so special. Also to the many artists and families that donated art for the auction, your efforts are incredible! Thanks to all the donors at the event: D & M Coffey, A & S Scarboro, R & N Scarboro, S Bachert, D Murphy, D and M Wiseman, K & C Wise, S & H Ogden, J & L Lancaster, S Mc Ghehee-Shacklette, D & M Hull, B Zeller, W & A Guyer, P Smith, S & B Stinson, J & C Natcher, D Stiles, S Abell, Dr A Mayfield, Mr & Mrs M McElroy, Mr & Mrs B Smith, T Earnhart, T & J Earnhart, Mr & Mrs M Barron, N & K Durrant, Mr & Mrs T Donnelly, Mr & Mrs B Goff, B Borders, Mr & Mrs C Whitehead, M Allen, Mr & Mrs F Dorris, Mr & Mrs M Cochran, S Mayfield, Mr & Mrs J Ward, E Griffin, Mr & Mrs P Cook, J Safford, Mr & Mrs D Okeefe, Mr & Mrs J Inman, Mr & Mrs D Mason, Mr & Mrs S Scott, Mr & Mrs S Gary, D Mullinax

Sponsors for the 2008 "Evening of Art" Fundraiser
Werkshop Marketing, The Liberty Group, Southern Foods, Minit Mart, Girkin Development, LLC, Harned Bachert & McGehee PSC, Kirby & Kirby Certified Public Accountants, and Van Meter Insurance Group.

Donations in the Memory of Mrs. Anne Mallais (nee Vienneau)
A special thanks to the donors that honor the life and memory of Mrs. Anne Mallais (nee Vienneau) of Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada. She was dedicated to increasing awareness about CAPS disorders, in the hope that others would not have to endure a lifetime of suffering with these conditions. These generous donors include: Biomarieux Canada, D & C Boulay, C & P Brown, A & L Depres, L & D Desroches, R & J Doherty, J Dupuis, M & L Hachey, G & M Lemay, A-MMallais, L & K Michaud, T Puttock, P& S Vienneau.

2007 Grants
Regeneron regeneron.com gave us a $5,000 unrestricted grant to support the development and printing of the CAPS guidebook in English. The guidebook was published in 2008, and is available in print, on our website at http://www.nomidalliance.org/capsguide.php Liberty Printing also donated printing for the first printed edition. We are so thankful for this support!